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What is a Chemise?

The plus size chemises of today are hot lingerie items. Soft and luxurious, they can be worn as nightwear, undergarments, or even outerwear. Like many of today's naughty lingerie pieces, chemises were once practical, functional pieces.

Today's chemises are also luxury items, crafted of rich materials such as silk and designed to enhance sex appeal. Some chemises retain practical value, offering a sleek, clean line under thinner dresses and blouses. Others are designed strictly as nightwear or naughty lingerie, offering such daring options as lace and fishnet.

There is little difference between chemises and camisoles, and many people use the two terms interchangeably. Chemises may also resemble negligees, particularly the babydoll style. Plus size chemises historically provided sleeves, although many of today's more risque styles are sleeveless.

Fitting chemises is extremely easy, making them popular gift items. A chemise is designed for a loose and flowing fit, as opposed to the precise measurements that are required for pieces such as corsets. Chemises are generally sized according to dress size, although some are marketed as "one size fits all."
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